"Coastal Marina Management brings the 'Ritz Carlton' style of personal service and attention to detail to the Marina environment."
~ Chris Miller

Taking Service in the Marina Industry to a whole new level!

Coastal Marina Management understands that today's Marina is not "just somewhere to tie up my boat". It is now a lifestyle and the service that goes along with it not only assists in a family's decision on where to keep their boat, but how much they will use it and how long they will stay in the industry!

Coastal Marina Management brings the "Ritz Carlton" style of personal service and attention to detail to the Marina environment. We look for every opportunity to exceed the customer's expectations in not only the wet slip side of the boating experience, but also to the dry storage customer as well.

Imagine...a dry storage owner being able to e-mail in or call in their launch request and arrive to a perfectly landscaped round-a-bout with an attendant waiting with a cart to unload their belongings and then walking them down to their boat while their car is being parked for them. Along the way the dock attendant lets the boat owner know that he did a safety check and noticed that the bow light was not functioning and took the initiative to repair it.

Once they arrive down to their vessel for a day of fun, they find all of the requests previously e-mailed are on board, ready to go; lunch from the deli, soft drinks and bottle water on ice, fuel topped off and oil checked, the boat washed and dried. They will learn about the weather and sea conditions for the day and be able to file their float plan to the attendant letting him know what time to expect them back to the dock. The boat is already warmed up and a simple turn of the key gives the rest of the family an easy sense of comfort. As the attendant begins to untie the dock lines and push the bow, he lets the family know that live music will be playing on the event plaza at 6:00p.m. and he would be happy to make dinner reservations for them at 7:00!

Upon returning to the dock, boats have been consistently moved so a clear, easy space is open for non-stressed docking in which the attendant is assisting with the lines and has a clean dock cart there to allow for a smooth unloading. The family then has the time to enjoy a quick dip in the pool and shower in the spotless, spacious, air-conditioned restrooms and get ready for music and dining on property. No need to worry about the boat; the marina staff has taken their goods back to the trunk of the car and the boat is being hauled out to be soap washed, fresh water flushed, antennas being folded down and battery switches turned off as the state of art fork lift places it carefully back into the dry storage space.

Coastal Marina Management specializes in promoting transient boating and once again...
it's all about service.

Just imagine a 64' Viking traveling in to stay for a week and docking in the new, stable, Bellingham floating concrete docks. Once again, placing the reservation was just a click or phone call away and the owner's information was already in the system informing us of the vessels name, power requirements, family member's names, pet's names and what their favorite activities are.

The captain of the vessel contacts the Marina via VHF and is given a slip assignment which is easy to find since a layout of the Marina was e-mailed to them a week before departing on the trip. The Marina Manager is there at the slip to greet their arrival and jumps on-board to assist with dock lines. Once tied up and reminding Mom where the grass dog walk area is for the black lab, assistance is given to properly connect the shore power and water.

Where do they check in? Right there at the slip. The pre-printed transient dockage agreement is there to review and sign along with a professionally produced welcome packet that has a list of all activities and a layout of the property. After reminiscing on the adventures of their travels, the Marina Manager tells them about the newest restaurant that has opened since their last visit and calls right then to make dinner reservations and line up child care service. Are those golf clubs on the fly bridge? Tee times are also a quick call away and written down on a reminder sheet in the welcome packet. No one on board is in the mood to wash the boat, so we contact a professional, affordable boat washer and have him arrive when they leave for dinner.

Each morning the Marina staff takes the time to look at all of the vessels to make sure they are not rubbing on any pilings and that the vessel is not listing to the side. A USA Today and local newspaper is carefully placed on the back step of the boat each morning along with a complimentary wrapped muffin and fresh fruit for each person on board. A list of special activities are in the basket along with area attractions that are easy to get to with the Marina's courtesy car.

Too good to be true?
Not with the professional service provided by Coastal Marina Management. This is just a small sample of the service possibilities in a Marina. After this family departs from this level of treatment, the best possible marketing has occurred because they will definitely tell everyone they come into contact with at the next Marina and at their home port. We usually find that getting them to leave becomes the problem!

For the most part, all of the service listed above costs very little money once the physical Marina has been constructed...It's all in the staff's training and management. We understand that a sincere smile, warm greeting, good manners, and simply treating others the way you would want to be treated and understanding the Marina business from a boater's perspective is 90% of what we do.

And we can provide this kind of experience at your facility too.
Call or e-mail Scott or Chris to discuss custom marina programming for your facility.