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Human Resources & Events Coordinator
A long time Floridian, Ashley oversees human resources and is responsible for employee management. Highly organized and methodical, she oversees and handles all things related to payroll, employee benefits, currency and employee communications. She believes in:
  • Structured and methodical employee relations.
  • Complete transparency.
  • Consistent communications.
  • Corporate fairness.
  • Employee benefit planning/management and implementation.
Additionally, Ashley serves as the Events Coordinator for all special events and fishing tournaments/boats organized by CMM and Wheels Up Events. She excels at implementing and programing fishing competition scorekeeping and complex optional entry registrations. Multi-tasking comes naturally to her.

Among the many talents she exemplifies are:
  • Multiple roles within the scorekeeping of high-end Billfish tournament with million dollar purses.
  • Creative spreadsheet solutions to complex tournament optional entry programs.
  • Tracking and communications with boat show sponsors and exhibitors.

A consummate Mom (yes, she drives a minivan) Ashley excels at maintaining her work/life balance, remaining 100% focused on her husband Ryan, and her two children Coral and Reef.