Tournament Services

Now here's something really different -- take your tournament to the next level! Our Tournament Statistical Team provides a turnkey solution for the information surrounding Sport Fishing tournaments. By deploying a solid IT infrastructure and layering it with a proven statistical processing platform, we provide the only up-to-the-minute solution for tournament weigh-ins and optional cash prize distribution.

Leading up to the tournament, we have the ability to integrate with your existing website and information systems to collect tournament registration information from participants before the event. If you do not have a website, we can work together to create a web presence that accurately represents your organization.

At the time of the tournament, we build a redundant computer network to support your staff, judges, officials, and participants. We will register and report on optional cash entries to prospective entrants and officials via the internet and onsite video displays. We provide your tournament officials with the information they need to keep processes moving, and give the participants a view on entry standings.

During the weigh-in, we gather and process information real-time. We have the ability to pull weight information directly from scales and into our statistical processing platform. We then calculate and report on tournament statistics; including optional cash categories and up-to-the-minute standings to the tournament staff, participants, news crews, and guests via the internet, laptops, and video displays.