Creative Thinking, Innovative Solutions, Experience ...the Coastal Marina Management Difference

Scott has over 51 year's professional experience in the marina business. He is well versed in dry storage, harbor and marina management, yacht and commercial vessel operations and special event promotion. Scott believes in the integration of upland amenities with marina operations and the connectivity of marine components such as comparable marinas and yacht clubs, boat dealerships and marine service centers.

He has:
  • Served on the steering committee with the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection to create the widely recognized and acclaimed certified Clean Marina Program.
  • Been recognized as a Certified Marina Manager.
  • Maintained an active membership of the Association of Marine Industries since 1985
  • Served as Director of the North West Florida Marine Industries Association.
  • Past Chairman of the Northwest Florida Marine Trades Association. During his term as Chairman, membership in the Association grew by 20%
  • In 2006 Scott created Coastal Marina Management which offers effective and creative management solutions for today's waterfront marine developments. CMM's mission is to be an active and passionate advocate of the boating lifestyle by delivering across-the-board service, dynamic marina management, innovative consulting for waterfront development and design, and exciting special events.

    Presently CMM operates seven marinas. The CMM managed marina family represents a combined excess of 3500 racks/slips under management consisting of upland amenities, nationally recognized fishing tournaments, boat shows, boatyard repair facilities and major transient yacht destinations.

    Chris serves as President of Wheels Up Events LLC, a subsidiary of CMM. Chris is responsible for all CMM special events including The Wharf Boat & Yacht Show, The Blue Marlin Grand Championship and The Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship Series.

    A native Floridian, Chris grew up around boats. His knowledge is based upon years of Gulf Coast experience. He began his career as Marina and Property Manager for Zeke's Marina, a 250 dry rack, 60 wet slip, retail, restaurant and commercial complex in Orange Beach, Alabama. The eight years of hands on experience in all levels of operations served Chris well as a foundation for his growth in the marina industry.

    Chris left Zeke's to become the Director of Marina and Beach/Pool operations at the highly acclaimed and internationally renown Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort in Destin, Florida. He quickly put his organizational skills to work and had an immediate affect on the 100 slip yacht harbor building a reputation based upon high-end concierge level service and impeccable operations management. Very quickly, Sandestin's Baytowne marina became known as the most sought after large yacht transient destination of Florida's Gulf Coast.

    As President of Wheels Up Events, Chris believes in:
    • Careful planning, thorough execution and meticulous event operations.
    • Today's events must be exciting, high-energy and most importantly, fun for the whole family.
    • He re-thinks and re-invents everything we do everyday.
    • First impressions are everything. No detail is too small.
    • Connectivity and transparency. Each event requires a dedicated group of actively involved stakeholders with genuine commitment to the overall success of the event.
    • He understands the big picture. Boating today is a lifestyle centered on the entire family.

    During his five year tenure at Sandestin, Chris was responsible for bringing many new events to the property including boat dealer conferences, multiple boating rendezvous, boat shows and the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic which has grown into one of the largest Billfish Tournament on the Gulf Coast.

    Chris and his wife Christine live in Niceville with their dog, Annie.

    Caitlin Jewett

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    Operations Manager
    Caitlin Jewett, a recently accredited Certified Marina Manager, brings a wealth of expertise to her role as Operations Manager at Coastal Marina Management. With an enthusiastic dedication to enhancing each property, she makes it a priority to maintain a keen awareness of industry dynamics.

    Caitlin is excited about strengthening the efficiency of operations and elevating the quality of events.

    With a sharp focus on optimizing marina operations, Caitlin excels in:
    1. Strategic Oversight: Caitlin strategically manages all facets of marina operations, applying a nuanced understanding of industry trends and best practices to drive success.
    2. Event Coordination: Demonstrating a flair for event management, Caitlin orchestrates seamless and memorable Marina events, enhancing customer satisfaction and community engagement.
    3. Regulatory Compliance: Her meticulous attention to detail ensures strict adherence to regulatory standards, guaranteeing a secure and compliant environment for both staff and patrons.
    4. Financial Acumen: Leveraging almost 2 decades of experience, Caitlin reinforces the Comptroller by upholding a firm commitment to accuracy and transparency in financial reporting.
    5. Team Development: Committed to building a high-performing team, Caitlin fosters a culture of accountability, growth, and collaboration among her staff, ensuring a harmonious work environment.
    6. Hands-On Training: Caitlin's commitment to on-site training reflects her belief in the importance of direct involvement, fostering a skilled and knowledgeable staff at each marina.

    In her leisure moments, Caitlin finds joy in the company of her husband and dogs, whether exploring on enduros or cruising on e-bikes. Her passion for marinas is matched only by her commitment to creating enjoyable experiences both at work and in her downtime. Her proactive approach, industry insight, and dedication to excellence make Caitlin a valuable asset in steering Coastal Marina Management towards continued success.

    Debra Altman

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    Responsible for all financial and accounting functions, Debra is the senior financial officer of CMM and its affiliate, Wheels Up Events. Very knowledgeable of the marine industry and well connected to clients and managers alike, she comes from a long history of financial management over the past 21 years. Graduating in 2005 with her Business Administration degree, she's been responsible the oversight of complicated business operations since.

    She believes in:
    • Strong fiscal controls and procedure adherence.
    • Effective communication.
    • Accuracy and complete transparency.
    • Quick response/follow up.
    • Timely and concise financial reporting.
    • "Boots on the ground" marina training and inspections.
    Since joining CMM in April of 2015, Debra has established:
    • Contiguous use of one marina management software throughout all CMM managed properties.
    • Developed a single source IT management and security system.
    • Third level independent manual audit trail for major Sportfishing tournaments.
    • Created internal chain of command and system process.
    Debra excels at training and building redundancy within the financial controls and reporting side of the company. Never one to miss an opportunity to grow and develop team members to the best of their abilities, she is very organized, creative and holds everyone accountable to her high performing standards. Unique in her industry, she understands how important it is to travel to each marina property and inspect/train the onsite staff personally and directly. Married to her husband Steve, Debra enjoys boating on her pontoon boat and motorcycling on their Harley Davidson.

    Ashley Claypole

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    Human Resources & Events Coordinator
    A long time Floridian, Ashley oversees human resources and is responsible for employee management. Highly organized and methodical, she oversees and handles all things related to payroll, employee benefits, currency and employee communications. She believes in:
    • Structured and methodical employee relations.
    • Complete transparency.
    • Consistent communications.
    • Corporate fairness.
    • Employee benefit planning/management and implementation.
    Additionally, Ashley serves as the Events Coordinator for all special events and fishing tournaments/boats organized by CMM and Wheels Up Events. She excels at implementing and programing fishing competition scorekeeping and complex optional entry registrations. Multi-tasking comes naturally to her.

    Among the many talents she exemplifies are:
    • Multiple roles within the scorekeeping of high-end Billfish tournament with million dollar purses.
    • Creative spreadsheet solutions to complex tournament optional entry programs.
    • Tracking and communications with boat show sponsors and exhibitors.

    A consummate Mom (yes, she drives a minivan) Ashley excels at maintaining her work/life balance, remaining 100% focused on her husband Ryan, and her two children Coral and Reef.